From the young (Nancy Drew) to the elderly (Miss Marple), from the historical (Sister Frevisse) to today’s domestic divas (current cozy mysteries), and from around the planet, intrepid lady sleuths make for exciting mystery reading. Since I’m partial not only to the occasional dead body but also particular periods of history, you’ll find I write traditional murder mysteries in the late-Victorian, Edwardian, and the 1930’s.

Why then, you ask?

I’m fascinated with the way society was before the seismic shake-ups of the two world wars. These were times of rigid, unchanging social rules mixed with quick technological progress. Times when it seemed nothing would ever change even as life was evolving and spinning toward the abyss.

Come in and take a look at my stories. You’re sure to find something to amuse, to challenge, and to surprise. A world so much like our own, and yet so different. A world complete with what every mystery reader wants. A dead body. Or two.