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I have good news to share! Editor Faith Black at Berkley Publishing has bought a three book series of historical mysteries from me, courtesy of my agent, Jill Marsal at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. Called A Victorian Bookshop Mystery series, the first one is titled The Vanishing Thief. It’s due to be released in December 2013. I am overjoyed and profoundly grateful for this opportunity. I hope you’re going to enjoy these stories.

History is made up of stories about multitudes of people; their loves, their lives, their glowing successes and bitter failures. History is every bit as fascinating as today’s tabloids, only dressed in period clothing. Or, as my father told me, there’s nothing new under the sun.

Local insurrectionists fighting and beating a larger, better trained and equipped army? Today’s news could be from the American Revolution or the Roman Empire. A public relations campaign pushing an incapable candidate to the top? Warren G. Harding comes to mind, but there have been a few in every dynasty and kingdom.

My favorite stories set a mystery against the backdrop of European historical events. And the very best contain an ironic twist that mimics the twists and turns in real life. The sleuths, by staying faithful and honorable when everything would be easier if they just gave up, gain the satisfaction of seeing justice done. The bad guys, and what historical period didn’t have powerful, greedy people, overreach themselves and fall as a result. And the best part? History gives us opportunities for sword fights, escapes on horseback and on steam engines, devastating cuts in the drawing room, fires, plagues, dungeons, hangings, secret codes and poisonings. Cultures clash, lovers kiss, and the world changes day by day.

On my books page, you’ll find the blurb as well as an excerpt of my latest stories. I hope you enjoy them.